What Have Friends Provided?

7 09 2011

Friends of the Library,Tremonton Chapter has only been in existence for a short time.   However,we have many goals we would like to accomplish.  So far the following are among our contributions:

  • Funding for the 2013 Summer Reading Program. In 2010 around 300 books were handed out to kids and teens who signed up for the program.  This money came from soliciting area businesses and service organizations.  In 2012 about 534 books were handed out to 682 people who attended the Summer Reading Kick off Party.  There were 444 people who signed up for Summer Reading.
  • Staffing for the Summer Reading Kick-Off,with face-painting,storytelling,crafts,lunch and drinks,snow cones,games and entertainment. Thanks to all of the volunteers.
  • Staffing for the Fish Pond and crafts at the Summer Reading Program Closing Reward Party.
  • Participation in the city tree planting.
  • Used Book Sale during the Tremonton City Days.
  • FOL training with a state library employee.
  • Developed a website for Friends of the Library, Tremonton Chapter–www.tremontonfriendsofthelibrary.com
  • Set up a email account–tremontonfol@gmail.com
  • Set up a Post Office Box–Friends of the Library,Tremonton Chapter; P.O. Box 414; Tremonton,UT 84337
  • Worked closely with the Library Board and Library to support the Library programs.
  • Now, meet bi-monthly to put programs and fundraisers in place.



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